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What Are We Going To Do?

Today’s Daily News featured an article written by Jenice Armstrong discussing the tragic beating and death of Amy Joyner. No doubt you’ve heard the news of this high school student who was beaten to death in the bathroom of a … Continue reading

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Memorable Book Series

If you have a child in fourth, fifth or sixth grade, books from The Dork Diaries, I Funny or I Survived series have probably already visited your home. There are some wonderfully popular series afloat in these grades and if … Continue reading

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Create Magic Moments: Read Aloud

¬† ¬†More often than not, parents stop reading aloud to their children when they are about five or six, right around the time that kids begin to learn to read for themselves. Undoubtedly, other activities creep in, older children can … Continue reading

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Preparing Your Child for the PSSA

One week from today, students across the state of Pennsylvania will begin taking the famed PSSA test. Much like students, parents’ attitude toward this assessment can range from extremely laid back to overly concerned and stressed. Not surprisingly, the best … Continue reading

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