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Antidote to Aliteracy

It was the first day of classes for my middle school students. Each period I stood at the door and warmly greeted my new students. Ten years later, I still remember meeting Matt for the first time. Matt was an … Continue reading

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Damaging Trend Among Our Youth

Imagine attending a conference with your child’s teacher and learning that your child is illiterate. A person who is illiterate is a person who cannot read. My guess is that you would leave in a panic, determined to pull out … Continue reading

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The Book Log Battle

Recently, the topic of reading logs has come up in discussion and in my reading. This article from The Atlantic Monthly suggests that keeping a reading log can have an adverse effect on a child’s motivation and enjoyment of reading: … Continue reading

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Model Magic

Back when I was a young mother, if you walked into our home and saw the Play-doh out, you could be pretty sure it was bad day. I knew if I let the kids play with the Play-doh, I was … Continue reading

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Will You Open the Door for Your Kids?

Third grade was my first experience with a library. Miss Catherine was ahead of her time because not many classrooms offered a “library”. Three narrow shelves filled with mystery, adventure, unique characters and new worlds hooked me into voracious reading. … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11

Today we will remember, reflect, and read about the tragedy that occurred in our country fifteen years ago. I just read a wonderful post that included many suggestions for texts about 9/11 written for youngsters. I wanted to share it … Continue reading

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Six Tips for Finding a Just-Right Book

  During the first weeks of school, teachers spend lots of time discussing the importance of independent reading and implementing programs and procedures that will encourage kids to read on their own. It’s important that youngsters know how to find … Continue reading

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Reading Levels – So What?

The last post gave you a quick and dirty summary of the three reading levels. You now know that we all have three different reading levels. So what?  How can you use this information?  Let’s look at three advantages to … Continue reading

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The Three Reading Levels –A Little Background Knowledge

Bear with me folks, I’m putting on my teacher hat today because I think it is helpful if parents (and students) understand the three reading levels. In fact, for many years, one of my initial lessons was on these reading … Continue reading

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Turn Wasted Time into Reading Time

Sometime this week or next, lazy summer days will give way to school days and your family life will once again be dictated by school schedules, sports schedules, meetings, homework and a million other things. The start up can be … Continue reading

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