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What Do We Celebrate Tomorrow?

Do you know what is celebrated around the world tomorrow, February 1st?  It’s not the birthday of a famous person, it’s not the anniversary of a special event, but it is a day that honors a wonderful practice that I’m … Continue reading

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Five Easy Ways to Boost Background Knowledge

My husband is a huge football fan. As soon as August begins, those fantasy football magazines start popping up around the house. One day, I decided to delve into one and learn a little about football. I could easily read … Continue reading

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Picture Books: Building Blocks of Background Knowledge & Confidence

Over the years, I’ve worked with students of all ages, from primary grade kids right up to graduate students. Picture books were a common element in everyone one of my classes. Why?  Because I believe picture books have power.  A … Continue reading

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Three Essential Steps to Seeking Reading Intervention for your Child

Once you suspect that your child needs some kind of reading intervention, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Step #1 – Rule out any physical problems Talk with your child’s doctor about your concerns. Physical problems can be at … Continue reading

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Does My Child Need Help? Ten Warning Signs of a Struggling Reader

RECOGNIZE THE PROBLEM  As parents, we desperately want life to be joyful and problem-free for our children. It’s not always easy to address problems or uncomfortable situations. Obviously, the first step in helping your child become a more confident, proficient … Continue reading

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M-A-G-I-C Books Turn Kids into Readers

  Tale of a Magic Book I’ll never forget the first time I saw the magic at work. It was well into October and one of my students had yet to finish a book. It was like he was allergic … Continue reading

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Worried about your child’s reading?

After learning more about blogging and reflecting on how I can best serve readers of this blog, I’ve decided to direct posts to parents of children in Grade 4 through 7 who are reluctant readers or readers who need support … Continue reading

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