Worried about your child’s reading?


After learning more about blogging and reflecting on how I can best serve readers of this blog, I’ve decided to direct posts to parents of children in Grade 4 through 7 who are reluctant readers or readers who need support to progress and keep up with their peers. I’ve decided to make these changes for two reasons. My own research reveals that resources for parents of children in grades four through seven are limited. As students advance to the intermediate grades, parents often have lots of questions but limited resources. Most of my experience as both a classroom teacher and reading specialist has been in these grades. It just makes sense for me to draw on that and share it with you.

Although many of the posts I’ve written and will write can benefit any parents hoping to boost their child’s literacy skills, in the future, I will specifically target parents of children requiring support and/or those aliterate readers who can read but simply don’t like to read! Look for solid information based on current research and best practices, strategies and ideas you can easily implement, book suggestions for you and your kids, answers to your questions and concerns and most importantly, encouragement.

In my thirty-three years of teaching, I’ve been privy to the heartache and frustration parents experience when their child struggles with reading. Many parents have openly shared their worries, frustration and discouragement. Although I recognize the challenge, I know that with the right interventions and support, the transformation from a struggling reader to a proficient one can occur. A parent’s support, coupled with know-how is a significant part of that process and will make a huge difference in a child’s life.

So as a New Year begins, my goal is to offer information and resources to anyone concerned about a child’s literacy development. My goal is to provide a place to vent, find answers, ease worries and learn tangible ways you can boost not only your child’s ability to read but  love of reading. My goal is to shine a light on a path to progress and proficiency for your child. If you have concerns about your child’s reading, if you are sick with worry and don’t know how to help, if you believe your child is not receiving the support he needs from school, if you don’t have a clue where to begin to find help, you are not alone. Help and a huge dose of hope are here. We’ll take it a step at a time and find a way to get your child on the road to success. 


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Educator and Certified Reading specialist
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2 Responses to Worried about your child’s reading?

  1. Karen Lawler says:

    Thanks again, Rita, for sharing your expertise. I am sure lots of parents and teachers will benefit from your words. But I really wan to thank you for the wonderful adult reading list. 🙂


    • Rita K. says:

      You are so welcome. Going to have a more narrow focus moving forward, but Ill still be sharing adult book suggestions because it’s so important for parents to model reading. Happy New Year. Hope we can catch up soon!


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