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Be Back Soon – I Hope

No blogging goimg on right now, friends, because I fell and hurt my wrist and wound up in a soft cast. Since it’s my right hand, it takes forever to type. I’ll be back blogging asap. Keep those kids reading–September … Continue reading

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Tilling the Soil of Background Knowledge

   Today, it occurred to me that I probably should have provided more information about the relationship between background knowledge and reading before sharing the blog post about “match-up books”. Sorry for putting the cart before the horse. This post … Continue reading

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Match-up Books

   Number the Stars by Lois Lowry is one of my favorite books. Not only is it an intriguing story, but it offers a wonderful opportunity to develop students’ background knowledge about World War II. Kids as young as fifth … Continue reading

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Book Series for Grades Four to Eight

Computers are great…when they work. A glitch in my WordPress  account  prevented me from posting last week. So today, take a look at some terrific book series that appeal to kids in the intermediate grades. Remember that there are two … Continue reading

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Book Series for Kindergarten & Primary Grade Students

    On Monday, I took one of my granddaughters for a birthday shopping spree. The deal was that half of the allotted money would be spent on books and the other half on toys. Shannon, my granddaughter is entering first … Continue reading

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Lure into Literature with Book Series

        In third grade, I met a new friend–a friend who would change my life! Her name was Nancy Drew. From the  time I opened the first book in this series, I was swept up into Nancy’s world … Continue reading

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A Look Ahead…

  I’m guessing that most of you can remember at least one favorite series of books that stole your heart. The right book series can spark the most reluctant reader. Monday’s post will explore the popularity and positive impact of … Continue reading

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Recommended Read Alouds

It’s time to gather up lots of books that will pique your children’s interest and roll out regular read aloud with your kids and grandkids. Here are some sure-fire winners to get you started… For Younger Children   Don’t Let the … Continue reading

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Reasons to Read Aloud

Most of the time, I eat well but when I find myself getting off-track, I seek out books and articles about nutrition. Typically, this little strategy infuses me with enough motivation and nuggets of new knowledge to help me resume … Continue reading

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A Look Ahead

Summer’s arrival is the perfect season  to add more “read alouds” to your time with kids. Three important aspects of reading aloud will be discussed in this week’s posts… Monday – Learn about why reading aloud is so important for … Continue reading

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