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Hi, Everyone.  Welcome to “Nurturing Literacy”, a blog created to help parents, teachers and anyone else committed to supporting youngsters in grades four through eight with their literacy development. My background as a Reading specialist, classroom teacher, mother of five and grandmother of nine, compels me to create this blog. Repeatedly, family member, friends and parents of students pose these questions…”My child hates to read…what can I do?”,”What are some good books to purchase for my grandchildren?”, “We both work, how can we find the time to boost literacy in our home?”, “My child’s teacher talks about ‘Reading Strategies’…what are they?”  The queries go on and on. If you love a child and understand the importance of literacy in their lives, this blog is for you.

Who Am I?

My name is Rita Kenefic. Ever since I was young, I loved to read. I’d often solve mysteries right along with Nancy Drew or grab my notebook and create stories of my own.  For seventeen years, I shared this passion as a classroom teacher, teaching every grade from two through eight. After I received my M.S. and certification in Reading, I spent six years as a Reading specialist in middle school. For the last nine years, I’ve worked as a Reading specialist in a large, suburban elementary school. As a recent retiree, I hope to use this blog to continue my commitment to literacy education.

As a mother of five grown children and proud grandmother of nine children, I understand full well how challenging family life can become. My hope is that the information, insights, ideas and interaction provided through this blog will help you discover ways to support the youngsters in your life.

2 Responses to About

  1. Ali Earle Pichardo says:

    Hi Rita,
    Your blog has been so helpful with my manuscript about a reluctant reader. Thank you for your help.


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