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Hi, Everyone.  Welcome to Nurturing Literacy, a blog created to help parents, (and anyone else), support their children’s literacy skills. During my thirty-plus years in education as both a classroom teacher and reading specialist, I saw the tremendous difference that knowledge, guidance, and specific interventions can make to a struggling or aliterate reader. As a mother and grandmother, I could empathize with the emotions that parents go through in their quest to help their children.

Although I am recently retired, I am still a teacher at heart. My desire to support children and parents has not waned. My goal is to provide the information, resources, and support that will enable parents to actively guide their children’s literacy development. Time and again, I have witnessed tremendous progress when parents learn what they can do, advocate for their children, and offer appropriate support at home.

Repeatedly, family members, friends, and parents of students pose these questions…

  • My child hates reading. What can I do?
  • What are some good books to purchase for my grandchildren?
  • We both work, how can we find the time to boost literacy in our home?
  •  My child’s teacher talks about ‘Reading Strategies’…what are they?
  • What is the Science of Reading?
  • Can you share a few of the best ways I can help my struggling reader progress?

The queries go on and on. Drawing on my personal experience and the research of experts in the field, posts will attempt to provide answers and insights about literacy. If you love a child and understand the importance of literacy in his/her life, this blog is for you.

If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or any adult involved in nurturing a child, your well-being is an important factor in your effectiveness. Within this blog, I will also discuss ways to nurture yourself, especially through literacy. Good modeling is such a crucial aspect of guiding kids. Attitudes and habits are caught not taught. Hopefully, within these posts, you’ll also discover ways to support your own growth and self-care.

My Background

My name is Rita Kenefic. Ever since I was young, I loved to read. I’d often solve mysteries right along with Nancy Drew or grab my notebook to create stories of my own.  For seventeen years, I shared this passion as a classroom teacher, teaching every grade from two through eight. After earning a Master’s degree in Reading, I spent the next fifteen years working as a reading specialist in Central Bucks School district. My experience at Central Bucks included teaching at both the elementary and middle school level. For seven years, I also had the privilege of teaching graduate students at my Alma Mater, Gwynedd Mercy University. As a recent retiree, this blog continues my commitment to literacy education.

On a personal level, I consider myself a lifelong learner. I am an avid reader, belong to a book club and writing group,  play golf (badly), and love to socialize with family and friends. It’s a busy life!

Undoubtedly, the most important role in my life is that of wife and mother. My husband, Mike and I have five grown children and eleven wonderful grandchildren. Our large family is a constant source of pleasure and pride. My experience as a parent enables me to understand full well the challenges of family life. My hope is that the information, insights, ideas, and interaction provided through this blog will positively impact your ability to foster literacy in your home and raise a proficient reader.

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6 Responses to About

  1. What a wonderful space to be encouraged and identify ways to develop proficient readers. Thanks for continuing to make a difference after retirement!

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  2. Karen Lawler says:

    Dear Rita, Congrates on a beautifully written Blog.
    I am enjoying your words and reliving my teaching days. 🙂
    I have already taken some of your wise suggestions for book series for my 7 year old
    grandson and will continue to search you out for more ideas and reminders as I retired 7 years ago
    and I NEED reminding. Thanks again, Karen 🙂


    • ritakenefic says:

      Our only grandson (8 grandaughters) is also seven years old. He has fallen in love with reading, due in large measure to these terrific series. I’ll post as I discover new ones. Glad this was helpful, Karen.


  3. Ali Earle Pichardo says:

    Hi Rita,
    Your blog has been so helpful with my manuscript about a reluctant reader. Thank you for your help.


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