Does My Child Need Help? Ten Warning Signs of a Struggling Reader


As parents, we desperately want life to be joyful and problem-free for our children. It’s not always easy to address problems or uncomfortable situations. Obviously, the first step in helping your child become a more confident, proficient reader, is to recognize that he or she needs support. Many parents waiver when it comes to actually facing the fact that their child is not making adequate progress.  If you have the niggling feeling that additional reading support would boost your child’s progress, don’t wait. Like most problems, the sooner it is addressed, the easier it is to fix.
As many as forty percent of students experience reading problems at some point. Students can fall behind for a number of reasons and often a little extra support will get them back on track. It can be a fixable situation if you face it head-on and advocate for you child. Once students reach the intermediate grades, they become very adept at hiding their struggles so it’s important to look for red flags that indicate the need for intervention. If you recognize your child as you read this list of warning signs, take action.
1.  Your child doesn’t like to read.
2.   Your child “pretends” to read but can’t retell or remember details.
3.   Your child’s reading grades and standardized test scores are low.
4.   Your child is unable to read for a sustained period of time (20 minutes or more).
5.   Your child lacks expression when he/she reads and frequently miscues.
6.   Your child demonstrates or expresses a lack of confidence when reading.
7.   Your child struggles with written assignments.
8.   Your child always chooses short, easy books to read independently.
9.   Your child dislikes school and has a poor self-image when it comes to academics.
10.  You have to bribe, pressure or argue to get your child to read a book or complete a
       reading-related assignment.

Check out this article from Schlastic for additional information…/how-to-know-if-your-child-needs-reading-intervention and see Monday’s post for specific steps you can take if you think your child would benefit from reading intervention. A problem shared is a problem cut in half. Feel free to share your questions and concerns.  Take heart, because there’s help available and most children make rapid progress once their specific needs are addressed.

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  1. navery101 says:

    May I suggest a workbook: First Aid for Readers: Help before, during, and after reading.


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