Recommended Read Alouds

It’s time to gather up lots of books that will pique your children’s interest and roll out regular read aloud with your kids and grandkids. Here are some sure-fire winners to get you started…

For Younger Children

pigeon_bus_cover_lg  Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and the Elephant and Piggie early readers both authored by Mo Willems will not disappoint. These award winning books will introduce you and your kids to this talented author and might just make you laugh out loud. If these are a hit, you can find scores of other awesome books by this author.

Froggy Learns  To Swim by Jonathan London is a perfect summer read for those little ones  who are feeling a bit tentative about learning this new skill.


Seasonal Thunderstorms remind me of a favorite by Patricia Polocco entitled Thundercake. In this story, a grandmother eases her grandaughter’s fear of thunder by teaching her how to make thundercake. Rich language, lovely illustrations and even the actual recipe for thundercake create a tale you and your child will cherish.


Strega Nona by Tomie DePaolo is a humorous tale that depicts what can happen when you don’t do what your told. If your child loves Stega Nona, you’ll want to search out other Tomie DePaolo books that include the delightful character of Stega Nona.

strega nona





For Older Children

A Days Work and The Train to Somewhere, both picture books by acclaimed author Eve Bunting, are  poignant tales that create awareness and empathy for the characters.

In A Days Work, a young boy lies  so he and his grandfather can secure work. The surprising results of that lie teach a powerful lesson.

Few youngsters know about the orphan trains that existed long ago. In Train to Somewhere, Eve Bunting  crafts a story that not only builds awareness but resonates with emotion that touches the heart of the reader.

Train to Somewhere

A Family Read Aloud

Ivan             The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Most youngsters from Kindergarten through middle school, will be able to enjoy this sensitive story told from Ivan’s (a gorilla) point of view. Ivan is confined to his small domain in a mall, along with a few other animals, who attract visitors and earn money for their keeper. The plight of these confined animals, weaves an unusual tale that will generate discussion and keep listeners eager for more.

Enjoy these great books and please add your favorite read alouds to this list.


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