Thanksgiving & Literacy, the perfect holiday pair

Enjoy this poem meant to honor family literacy month and try some of my suggestions for sharing literacy with your family.

You’ve read together or played a game.                                                                                            Suddenly, things aren’t quite the same.

There’s a closeness between your child and you.                                                                                   Your bonds with each other feel strong and new.

Literacy is a bridge where families can gather                                                                                            to read, write, and discuss things that matter.

Literacy is a light guiding the way.                                                                                                   Binding you together so you don’t stray.

Literacy is a gift that your family can share.                                                                                                  Make the time and show how much you care.

Three Suggestions for Family Literacy:

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to hunt down great books about Thanksgiving and share them as a family.  May I recommend:                                                              Sarah Gives Thanks by Mike Allegra & David Gardner – This lovely books tells the story of Sarah Joseph Hale, a determined woman who spent many years campaigning for Thanksgiving to become a National Holiday. Family members will enjoy the watercolor pictures, learn more about this holiday and the importance of not giving up.                                                                                                                                                  This First Thanksgiving Day by Julie Markes beautifully highlights the many reasons for children today to be thankful. You may decide to read it aloud at dinner as a way to infuse the true spirit of Thanksgiving into your holiday.                                                                                                              Thanksgiving Jokes by Uncle Amon.  Most kids I know love to share jokes. This book provides great material for kids to read aloud and share the jokes with adults. Everyone will relish the laughs.                                                                                                                                                                    Thanksgiving Day at Our House, Thanksgiving poems for the very young by Nancy White Carlstrom & R.W. Alley. The younger set will enjoy these clever, catchy poems about the holiday.

This is the perfect time of year to cook or craft with your family.                                                          Embed literacy by having your child follow the directions and show you what to do.

“Tell us about” – Suggest that children write down what they would like family members to tell them about. For example, “Grandpop, tell us about your first job.” or “Aunt Sue, tell us about what high school was like for you.” When extended family or friends visit (or simply with your immediate family), pull a question and let someone answer your children’s burning questions. Speaking and listening are essential components of literacy. This is an enjoyable way to incorporate both.

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