Coronavirus Crisis: Support & Suggestions

Welcome back, Parents, Teachers and Friends…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on Nurturing Literacy. As I’m sure you understand, life really can get in the way. However, in light of the current crisis all of us are experiencing, I’ve decided to resume blogging in the hopes it will offer support and ideas to parents and teachers alike. 

As always, our children must be a priority. Schools across the nation have closed. Although distance-learning is happening in many places, parents still have to step up in a unique way. We are all familiar with the “summer slump” that frequently occurs because students have not had positive, numerous experiences with literacy over the summer months. If this situation continues, it will have dire consequences educationally for many kids, especially those that usually receive extra support. 

Count on this blog for a post on Tuesdays Thursdays. Of course, I am hoping to post much more frequently and to offer guests posts from some wonderful educators and parents. At this challenging time, various age groups need various kinds of support. If you are a parent dealing with children at home all the time, if you are a teacher, looking for some suggestions, if you are a care-taker or grandparent wanting to help, may you find suggestions and support within these posts.

Take care everyone and stay well!

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Educator and Certified Reading specialist
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