World Book Day and Beyond

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I’m excited! While hunting for a topic that would be helpful to you during this time of sheltering-in-place, I discovered the World Book Day site. In the UK and Ireland, it is always celebrated in March, but in other countries, like the United States, today is the day. I spent a good amount of time investigating this site and was delighted by the varied and fantastic resources it provides. Whether you have a toddler, elementary-age children, or a teen, this site is chock-full of easy activities to motivate reading.

When  you visit the site, use the topics at the top to lead the way. Click on the RESOURCES page and you’ll see categories for specific age groups. Within those categories are downloads, games, book recommendations and tons of ideas. For example, the Primary Resources has sub-title where you can search types of activities, or favorite character, authors or illustrators.

Filled with tips for reading, writing, drawing and listening, the INSPIRATION page is well, simply inspirational.  There are Masterclasses by authors and illustrators, podcasts, writing tips and book recommendation for kids of all ages. Be sure to check this out.

VIDEOS include Biggest Show on Earth videos, one for younger children and one for older kids. Real authors and illustrators share stories and talk with the kids. Now, most of these authors are from UK or Ireland, but I believe kids will find their accent delightful and welcome the chance to discover new titles and authors. Also, find Early Years: The Big Little Book Corner, where little ones can view the pictures and listen to a book being read to them. Located on this page is also the Author & Illustrator Masterclasses I mentioned in addition to several other great topics to investigate.

One of the main goals of World Book Day is to “give every child a book of their own” and to “celebrate books and reading”. Why not make today a celebration in your home and use this extraordinary site to sustain motivation and pleasure in reading as you move forward.

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