Don’t Miss Out – Free Summer Reading Program

“Reading is a vacation for the mind.” Dave Barry

In my last blog post, I promised to explain the details of a summer reading plan I’ve designed to keep kids reading. In my opinion, summer reading programs should be enjoyable and simple. Hopefully, this plan meets that criteria. Basically, youngsters will choose a book to read, fill in the reading log at the beginning and end of the week and participate in a short zoom meeting with others in his/her group. Parents will provide support by helping kids set weekly goals, choose books, offer gentle reminders to read, and log youngsters into the weekly zoom meeting. Easy peasy!

This program will kick off with a zoom meeting on Monday, June 1st and continue through Monday, July 6th. Covid 19 has taken a toll and disrupted normal education. This is my way of helping out, so I am offering this to my followers at no cost.


  • Goal setting provides motivation
  • Zoom meetings provide accountability and an opportunity to discuss books with kids their own age
  • Minimum parental support is required because a plan is in place

Parent Responsibilities

  • Help child set a realistic weekly goal
  • Help child find an appropriate book
  • Make sure child fills in the log each week
  • Help child log into the weekly zoom meeting, which will probably be on Monday morning

Participant’s Responsibilities

  • Choose an interesting, appropriate book
  • Set a weekly goal for the number of pages you want to read
  • Fill in the reading log at the beginning and end of the week
  • Participate in a short weekly zoom meeting


  • Reading Log
  • Independent reading book
  • Internet access


  • Students must be entering fourth or fifth grade to be eligible for Group 1
  • Students must be entering sixth or seventh grade to be eligible for Group 2
  • Parents must follow this blog
  • Each group will be capped at eight students

To Enroll Your Child

  • If you are not already following this blog, please follow now to be eligible
  • Go to the Contact page on this blog and send me an email. Please include your name and your child’s name and grade.
  • If you are among the first eight responses I receive for each group, I will send you an email which will include the reading log and additional details.
  • Please respond as soon as possible but no later then noon on Sunday, May 31st.

Please note: My apologies, but my contact info is not showing up when I view this blog on my phone. Please use your computer or tablet to find it. Sorry about that!

I’m excited to work with your and your child!

About Rita K.

Veteran educator and Certified Reading specialist, Freelance writer
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1 Response to Don’t Miss Out – Free Summer Reading Program

  1. Karen Lawler says:

    OOOHHHH Rita I don’t have grandchildren that old yet I’ll wait till next year and you will have worked the kinks out of this great idea!! Good Luck ! 🙂


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