Deck the Halls with Literacy

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Hi, Everyone!

To past faithful followers of this blog along with any new people who are just discovering it, I say, “Welcome”. Since I began blogging several years ago, this is longest I’ve ever gone without reaching out via a post. Today, I am renewing my commitment and hope to craft informative, motivating and entertaining posts that encourage you in your journey to nurture the literacy development of your children, students or grandchildren. As always, I would love to hear from you. Many voices enrich the experience and provide support for all. Additionally, if you have an interest or expertise in Reading or any of the Language Arts and would like to write a guest post, please contact me at

Thanksgiving week is upon us and the hustle and bustle will begin. Amidst the holiday activities, it takes a conscious effort to find ways to embed literacy learning and support in our daily round. From now until the end of December, my posts will focus on offering gift ideas (books, journals, games and the like) that are related to literacy, as well as practical suggestions to keep kids engaged and entertained while advancing their literacy skills.

I’m lucky enough to have eleven grandchildren ranging in age from two to sixteen. Frequently, gifts from Mimi include a book. Over the next few weeks, I’ll suggest several books for each age group. Today, I’ll begin with the little ones. This is a magical time for children in the two to four age group. Seasonal books add to the magic and fun. At this age, it’s smart to be very selective when you purchase these books. A special holiday book, can become a cherished text that returns years after year and becomes a familiar friend.

Last year, stymied as to what to give our two youngest grands, I decided to purchase an attractive box for each of them, labeling it “Holiday Books”. Each week, I purchased one or two books related to the holiday season and took time to write a personal note inside each one. The boys loved receiving them, enjoyed them repeatedly with their parents and when the season ended, their Mom tucked them away in the special box. This year, I will repeat the process. My hope is to create a library of these seasonal books that they will enjoy, save and eventually pass on to their children.

Do you have any ideas for holiday gift giving, activities or games that give literacy a lift? Please share any and all good suggestions. Look for my next post where I’ll review a few favorite holiday titles for the little people in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. Karen says:

    Hi Rita, I liked the idea of the special Holiday book box. I just might have to add that tradition to my others. Thanks and hope to see you soon. 🙂

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