Don’t Banish the Bedtime Story

It’s been a busy day, your toddler is overtired and won’t settle down. You lure him into his bed with the promise of a bedtime story. Tonight, you’ll reread one of his favorites. You soften the lights, just bright enough so you can see the words and begin. “Once upon a time…” The rhythm of the words combine with the comfort of his bed and your presence. Before long, his little eyes are closed for the night and your sure his dreams will be happy ones. 

Parents instinctively understand the power of the bedtime story for children. But perhaps, bedtime stories aren’t just for kids. Right after Christmas, my husband had Covid. Our bedroom is on the first floor of our townhouse, so I was relegated to the front bedroom upstairs for a week. It felt strange to sleep alone night after night, but I discovered that listening to Audible lulled me to sleep. Ironically, on January 1, 2022, the New York Times published an article about the popularity of bedtime stories for adults explaining that “in our never-ending quest to get a good night’s sleep, bedtime stories are the latest weapon in the arsenal.” 

Sleeping solo for a week convinced me that listening to a bedtime story does soothe your soul, settle your mind and entice you to relax and fall asleep. Now, using the devices at our disposal today, perhaps we should resurrect the bedtime story in our own lives  and even suggest that our teens give it a try. What do you think? 

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Educator and Certified Reading specialist
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6 Responses to Don’t Banish the Bedtime Story

  1. jet197 says:

    I drift off a bedtime story from the app Calm every night. I agree! They do help us to sleep.

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  2. Trish M. says:

    Yes! Great observation. There are plenty of bedtime stories on Insight Timer. I keep meaning to try them out. Now you’ve reminded me how relaxing it can be. 🙂

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  3. rdicarne says:

    I agree. I have the Calm app on my phone and a Bluetooth headband. I often listen to a sleep story and I never make it to the end.


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