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Three ways to prepare for your summer read-aloud challenge

Perhaps you’ve reflected on the amazing benefits of regular read-alouds and are ready to consider tangible ways to prepare so once we turn the calendar to July, your read aloud routine will easily slip into your summer days and the … Continue reading

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Motivation Magic

I don’t know about you, but before I undertake a new project or challenge, I definitely need to psych myself up. For example, if I’m going to take the time, trouble and money to redo a room, I visualize the … Continue reading

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Summer Read-Aloud Challenge

Happy First Day of Summer!  It’s finally arrived and no doubt you and your family have high expectations for the days ahead. The end of school signals a change in the family routine and as the song says, “the living … Continue reading

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Reconnect Through Reading

Of late, I’ve not been able to blog because of yet another broken wrist. Hard to believe that I could break a wrist last July and again in May when we went to Arizona. Both times, it happened on a … Continue reading

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6 Important Read-Aloud Reminders

Happy World Read Aloud Day!  As you gear up to read to your child and hopefully integrate this practice in your home on a regular basis, here are a few reminders to optimize the experience. Choose a text you enjoy  … Continue reading

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What Do We Celebrate Tomorrow?

Do you know what is celebrated around the world tomorrow, February 1st?  It’s not the birthday of a famous person, it’s not the anniversary of a special event, but it is a day that honors a wonderful practice that I’m … Continue reading

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Five Easy Ways to Boost Background Knowledge

My husband is a huge football fan. As soon as August begins, those fantasy football magazines start popping up around the house. One day, I decided to delve into one and learn a little about football. I could easily read … Continue reading

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Picture Books: Building Blocks of Background Knowledge & Confidence

Over the years, I’ve worked with students of all ages, from primary grade kids right up to graduate students. Picture books were a common element in everyone one of my classes. Why?  Because I believe picture books have power.  A … Continue reading

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Three Essential Steps to Seeking Reading Intervention for your Child

Once you suspect that your child needs some kind of reading intervention, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Step #1 – Rule out any physical problems Talk with your child’s doctor about your concerns. Physical problems can be at … Continue reading

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Does My Child Need Help? Ten Warning Signs of a Struggling Reader

RECOGNIZE THE PROBLEM  As parents, we desperately want life to be joyful and problem-free for our children. It’s not always easy to address problems or uncomfortable situations. Obviously, the first step in helping your child become a more confident, proficient … Continue reading

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