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Write Now: Journaling – Lesson 2

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to read Lesson 1 and at least consider beginning a journal. Please keep in mind that a journal (or writing notebook) as it’s often called in school, is a great tool for your children, as … Continue reading

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Write Now: Journaling Series-Lesson 1

Easter is behind us and it seems like the deadly curve of the coronavirus is flattening. Still, I anticipate many more days of social distancing and isolation. Last week, in my post The Write Time, I shared how writing is … Continue reading

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How the Virus Stole Easter

Someone special shared a great little poem with me. Whatever your religious persuasion, I think everyone can take to heart in the meaning in this verse. Enjoy!  How the Virus Stole Easter By Kristi Bothur With a nod to Dr. … Continue reading

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Technology Bridges the Gap

It’s been difficult to give up regular visits with our grandchildren. With that said, I am so grateful for the technology that is bridging the gap.  Since my older grand kids no longer have school followed by activities, I actually … Continue reading

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The Write Time

“I find out more and more every day how important it is for people to share their memories.” – Fred Rogers It seems like the right time to share this quote. Now, when we are all sheltering-in-place. Now, when we … Continue reading

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Six Simple Steps to Writing a Poem

In keeping with National Poetry Month, I’d like a few simple steps to help you and/or your kids get started writing poems. Review:                                    … Continue reading

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Are you up for the challenge?

If I was in front of a class of students today, I’d open my lesson with this question. “Do you know what we celebrate during April?” In April, we celebrate National Poetry Month. Of course, poetry means different things to … Continue reading

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A Mom’s Lament

With so many moms sheltering-in-place with their families, I thought I’d share this list poem a wrote a while back…  A Mom’s Lament Dirty dishes in the sink.                          … Continue reading

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Spread Joy

Today, I opened my eyes to sun streaming in the window. I hope the same is true where you are. Sunshine is synonymous with hope, with joy. As we shelter-in-place, aren’t we all grasping for a bit of hope and … Continue reading

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Viewing…Make it a literacy skill

Hi, Everyone. Hope you are staying well and managing to turn the negatives of sheltering-in-place into positives for your family. Often, when we think of literacy skills, we forget that viewing is one of them. In this time of isolation, … Continue reading

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