Happy Hump Day

It’s been a busy week. What with PSSA’s, a presentation at the faculty meeting this              morning and million other things, I am happy to reach the end boy readingof hump day. I’ll make this short, but I do want to remind you to take a little extra time to relax with your school-age children who are in the midst of PSSA. For some, it is a grueling experience so be sure they have time to chill out at home. Reading aloud or reading together is a great way to do that. Hint…Hint.

Also, I’d love to hear from you regarding specific topics of interest. My plans for the next few weeks include blogging about the importance of some of the other literacy skills, namely, talking, listening and writing. Also, I’ll be providing plenty of tips to help keep kids reading over the summer and listing great books that will allow you to do just that. However, I’m quite open to blog topic suggestions. Please send them along in the comments section and I’ll certainly do my best to address them.

One more thing…I’ve just finished reading The Girl on the Train. It’s one of those fast-paced psychological thrillers that pique your interest and manage to keep it until the end (At least it did for me). Knowing how important it is to model a love of reading for your children, perhaps you’ll pick this book up and enjoy it as much as I did. Let your kids see YOU immersed in a good read…maybe they’ll  catch the bug!

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2 Responses to Happy Hump Day

  1. readarose says:

    I believe the best learning occurs when activities are engaging and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Rose says:

    The PSSA is a tough time for all…teachers, students,administrators, parents. As a middle school teacher, I am trying to keep things light in my classroom this week. I gave students instructions to play a card game. After reading the instructions I put them in groups to play the game. The goal is for the students to understand and implement directions, use appropriate communication skills, and strategize to win the game. Most students are enjoying the change of pace and it is interesting as a teacher to observe student behavior and application of the rules.


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