Add Beauty To The World

Mother’s Day is approaching. In addition to being one of my favorite holidays, it also signals that it’s time to plant a few flowers and pretty up the exterior of our home. Danger of frost is now past, and I’m guessing that many of you are as anxious as I am to choose this year’s annuals and immediately transform your landscape. This year, why not enlist the help of your children. First, take a few minutes to read a beautiful book by Barbara Cooney entitled Miss Rumphius. The story begins when Miss Rumphius is a child and her grandfather offers some sage advice. The reader travels with Miss Rumphius through the stages of her life to see how she follows the advice. What does this have to do with planting flowers? Read it and find out. Trust me, it is the perfect book to set the stage for gardening with your children, as well as providing a terrific opportunity to discuss how all of us can add beauty to the world.

About Rita K.

Educator and Certified Reading specialist
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